Check out VNO, my new Meteor mobile app (Only available in México at the moment)


After 6 months learning Meteor and developing my app, I can finally show you all what I have been working on. The project I’m starting is called VNO, which is a mobile app developed for iOS and Android with which you can order your favorite alcoholic beverages and receive them at home, the service is currently only available in México (that’s where I’m from), and I would like to know if there is any mexican developer on the Meteor community so you can check out my new app, and give me some feedback about what you think about it.

Thanks, and hope to expand soon so all you guys can try it out!


Buen trabajo!

Still being for Mexico only? I’d really like to try it out in UK or Spain. I’m developing another one for Android with Meteor.

BTW, I just created this post, if you could help me would be awesome: