Chromatic announced at Meteor Live!

Really surprised no one is posting about Chromatic yet! I saw this in last month’s Meteor Live, and was super impressed! It seems like it does something similar to React Storybook? I remember seeing a third tool that did something similar to these two, but I can’t recall what it was called.

EDIT: Ah yes, Cosmos. If anyone has tried all three, I wonder how they compare.


I think once the talk video is up it will be much easier to share!


Great talk, BTW, Sashko! Totally stoked for Apollo.


Great, now waiting for foxmatic. :wink:

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So, blaze is dead?
Chromatic only for React. They could have done it also for Blaze.
I’m currently working on a Blaze Chromatic solution but i don’t understand why blaze is excluded by default from MDG, being Blaze still the official by MDG but it seems that the defacto standard is becoming more and more “official”. I wonder why don’t they directly deprecate it and thats all.

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You may as well ask why they didn’t develop it for Angular as well.

As I understand it, chromatic was developed as an in-house tool while developing Galaxy’s front end - which is React based. Kudos to MDG for open sourcing it in the first place.


Of course, i agree with you that its nice to open source it.
But I think being clear on this aspect would make more good to the comunity than bad. Having an “official” library and don’t use it and abandon it makes me wonder why don’t they definitly say: ‘Hey, don’t use Blaze. Or if you use it, think that it will be deprecated sooner than later’. Just being honest with those who use your software

The golden rule of web development is using the right tool for the job. They clearly decided React serves Galaxy better.

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I understand what you mean. I’m not saying is bad they use react.
I’m saying is not elegant from their side, that’s all. If you have an official library but you develop tools for 3rd party libraries you could develop for the official one, does it make sense to you?
For me, it doesn’t make any sense.

And I like React, it’s not that I don’t like it or something like this :smile:

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I think the reason is this issue:

It doesn’t even appear to work on 1.3.

Just wondering if anyone has tried/compared Chromatic, Cosmos, and Storybook yet.


Chromatic has started out as being for React but I either read, or saw in the video, that they want to extend it to Blaze as well.

On Chromatic vs Storybook, I got the impression that it’s possible to use components that rely on meteor packages, which you can’t with Storybook. Unless I got things wrong

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Man, I really really wish Chromatic was in a working state. @sashko, who’s working on this project? (Not so we can harass them or anything…) :wink:

From the talk and the github, I think it’s and

Yeah it has a bit of work to be done to work with Meteor 1.3, I’m sure they would appreciate contributions to make it happen! Unfortunately Zhenya is hard at work on Galaxy stuff, and I stole Dom to design the new Apollo website for a while…


I don’t think anyone can get mad at that :wink: I wish I had time to contribute!

Do you guys plan on having a crash course for GraphQL for people who’ve never even looked at it? Or maybe some sort of transition guide for moving from a typical Meteor environment to using Apollo.

Yep! I think that’s a few months down the road but at some point it will be a big priority before we really launch. I think we can really work some magic on the usability of the system.

Kadira has a Learn GraphQL introduction. I haven’t delved into it yet, but it looks like a good way to learn the basics.


I’d be really keen to see a mashup of Chromatic and Essence.

They seem to really complement each other. Chromatic has the React component integration with the rest of Meteor; while Essence has the library of React components that Chromatic is missing.

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