Code editor of choice?


UPDATE: Debug & resolve from Spacebars is fixed.


I like vim a lot, because I don’t really like using mouse when programming

Janus provides a really great, quick setup for vim.
The Tomorrow-Night-Bright colorscheme is great, you can use it by just doing echo "colorscheme Tomorrow-Night-Bright" >> .vimrc.after


I was never able to get coffeescript debugging to work correctly on Webstorm. I think it was on the node side. IIRC the breakpoints didn’t work right on the node side.


@logician did you contact support? They are pretty on the ball about helping you work through issues in my experience.


Hey Max,

I did contact support. See below their response from 5 March. They say they don’t support Coffeescript in Meteor.


This issue is tracked as Unfortunately I can’t recommend any workarounds:( Please vote for it to be notified on any progress.
Note also that WebStorm provides no support for Meteor CoffeeScript - see


The OP wrote “Debug & resolve from Spacebars is fixed.” as his final comment. Have you tried it since version 10?


Hey Max,

Yes server Coffeescript breakpoints seems fixed in the latest release! (BTW, The issue is actually WEB-14794 not WEB-14479 which you cited.)



An interesting new one, especially if you use JS (I’m a CS guy). Ironically from MS just announced today:

Their intellisense for JS looks neat. I may even switch away from Atom. VSCode is based on Electron, same core as Atom from github:


I didn’t know about Select Next Occurrence. It’s exactly what i’m missing the most from ST3. You saved my life :slight_smile:


I use Neovim, a fork of Vim, which will make it easy for editors like Sublime or Atom to be legitimate GUIs for (neo) vim. Plugins for Sublime or Atom, or various other editors, will allow for keystrokes in said editors to be passed directly to a headless instance of Neovim, then Neovim will handle the text operations and send the update back to the editors. I can’t wait for the first release of Neovim.

A plugin for Atom is already a work in progress here:

This will mean Vim + Amazing Graphics (in Atom you can customize it with CSS! It’s a webapp after all).


How funny: there is a total of 13% who tried vim while developing meteor and 10% prefer that editor as their preferred editor for meteor XD looks like we’ve got some vim die hards here


I use emacs with Tern. And sometimes switch to Subl. These two have worked for me always.


yes, and compared with Sublime a larger majority of people who try WebStorm prefer it (of the 30 people who tried WebStorm 21 prefer it (70%). Of the 37 people who tried Sublime, only 54% prefer it.)


Looks like I should try WebStorm. I prefer emacs mainly because I’ve become used to the key bindings.
Heard good things about too.


Hi @quark we tried and nitrous but they didn’t work very well for us (things didn’t stay synced). Recently we found a Webstorm plugin for floobits which allows collaborative programming and it works pretty well!


Hey @maxhodges I just watched someone’s open workspace on floobits and I liked it, I must say. I tried to deploy the sample todo app with nitrous, and it was showing some error and I didn’t have time to dig the error, so left it alone - a few days ago.

We shall try floobits. Is it possible that one guy uses one IDE, another uses something else, and things stay synced?


I’m not sure about cross-editor compatibility. sorry!


It was a long history for me to pick my editor. lol

I was using Eclipse and Emacs in college as they taught Java and C/C++.
When I start web development, I tried to use Aptana, Netbeans and then switch to Coda.
Later I found Sublime Text 2, then I switched and loved it and at the mean time, I tried Atom, Brackets and even c9,

But I am missing all kinds of cool features a IDE provides, then I found WebStorm and switched.
However, I am not only doing Meteor, but sometimes PHP and Java for my clients.

So, now I am using Intellij Idea for typical projects and using ST2 for quick editing a simple file.
So far, like it. :smiley:


On Windoze I’ve been using Eclipse / Node.js VM / Remote Sytem Explorer . Setup explained here:

But now I’m in love with because it has a meteor workspace right out of the box and you can push code changes to github :smiley: If i had a paying meteor project, I’d even pay for too, but it does come with a reasonable amount of free VM power.


You don’t need to be a fan of the terminal to like and use Vim.

I’m the farthest thing from being a “fan” of the terminal, but I use MacVim to great success. I can use my mouse to drag things around, highlight things, and basically anything that Sublime Text or Atom can do. Except it’s also ultra lightweight on resources as opposed to most editors and I can (if I choose to) customize anything and everything. Look up NERDTree if you don’t believe me.

I recommend using the Janus distro to get started.