Could I use chainable method on Template.x.helpers().events

Could I use chainable method on Template.x.helpers().events…?


You could perhaps wire it up using underscore chain and mixins.

But helpers and events are two very different things, so why would you want that?

Because i don’t write duplicate



If by duplicates, you mean template inheritance, you can take a look at otherwise, I don’t quite understand what you’d actually achieve with chaining since chaning is a construct that allows passing function I/O through a predefined path of functions, in which helpers, events and the onRendered callbacks do not seem to share any common I/O except for the template instance, which itself is already available to each of them separately.

Not an answer to your question, but I usually write it as this:

var T = Template.nyTemplate



And I call the functions in the same order as Meteor will (for example onRendered before events).

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Kudos! You my hero :smile: