Creating Meteor apps using UI , Could this work?

When building Meteor apps you do things like

  • Create collections
  • publications
  • routes
  • templates
  • permissions, authentication etc etc

Then you get templates to subscribe to publications and routes to render templates. All these things could be done using UI.

So this is my idea, not to create something like a CMS where you create pages and pages litterly mean nothing to the code. But something more powerful and closer to what you are actually creating and writing when developing. like a CMS for a developer sort of thing.

Do you mean something like this:


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I actually didn’t know about MEteor kitchen. Thanks.

Yes pretty much the same idea. I will try to be make it more efficient then these guys now haha.

I think there is one more like that but can’t just remember the name.
You should search through the old google group archive at!forum/meteor-talk

Best of luck with your take! We definitely need some good constructive
open source competetion as much as the collaboration.

Was it Meteoris?

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yep! that’s correct!

Thanks for sharing mate.