Crosswalk cordova plugin - requires cordova android 4 or higher


I have added following cordova crosswalk plugin

After adding this, when I try to build the project, it fails in adding plugin as the cordova-android version required is >=4 and the present cordova-android version is 3.6.

How can I solve this issue ?


I’m working on improvements to the Cordova integration for the Meteor 1.2 release, including an upgrade to the latest Cordova versions (cordova-lib 5.2.0, cordova-android 4.1.0). You should be able to try this out from a release candidate soon.


Hi Martijn,

Thanks. Can you suggest a dev branch commit I could use for this ?



The changes aren’t ready for use yet and haven’t been committed to devel. Just a bit more patience :slight_smile:


Wow, looking forward to this!


For anyone with similar issue, I managed to get crosswalk working eventually (after a day of trial and error) by following articles

  1. How to get Crosswalk working with Android - Step by step guide

It is painful because I did not have eclipse or other tools needed for this installed. I also tried to use development version of meteor from github and cordova-crosswalk plugin but hit more stability issues with that and reverted to using the above articles.


Hi @martijnwalraven,

Do you have an estimate of when meteor 1.2 would be available ?

I managed to include crosswalk manually. It did break my inappbrowser login as the logged in user’s cookie were in android browser instead of crosswalk/chromium. I resolved that as well by customizing the end of response template to redirect to a meteor.local page with credentials and manually calling login function from that page.

Would the release 1.2 address the inapp browser compatibility issue ?