Custom package server


I have some packages I want to keep private (mainly because they don’t make sense for anything outside of my project).

Is it possible to set up a private package server, ideally something that can first search packages in its own repository and if not found, relay the request to atmospherejs?

I don’t need the whole atmospherejs user interface, just the part that talks to meteor-tool… check this out.

Yes. This is possible.

  1. Create a packages directory in your project root.
  2. Put all your separate package folders (for the packages you want locally) in that. (Or put your package folders in a folder outside the project and symlink to each of them from the packages folder in your app.)
  3. meteor add <your-meteor-developer-name:package-name> for each of your packages.

If you set up a folder on your computer (or a shared drive for collaboration) and create an environment variable PACKAGE_DIRS that point to that location, meteor will first look at that location for packages and then atmosphere if not found there.