DDP.connect to local machine (from the internet)

I’m trying to connect via DDP from a Meteor app running at Linode (in Dallas, TX) to another Meteor app running on my local machine in Singapore. The port is forwarded in the router to the correct IP address (both TCP/UDP).

The connection works fine as long as both apps are on the local network however the DDP connection is shown as “connecting” in the log file.

const remoteCon = DDP.connect(‘myIpAdress:port’);
console.log(Status of connection: ${remoteCon.status().status});

I can see the incoming connection from the Linode server to the correct port via TCP in the Little Snitch Application (where this connection is allowed). Yet, it still doesn’t connect and send the remote call through to the local app.

I must be missing something else that stops it from connecting. Thanks in advance!

on the same local network which means it doesn’t use the Port forwarding feature.
I think the problem is at the part you configured Port forwarding on your modem. I did setup a network to develop my meteor/react-native app and it works: Setup DEV network envinronment