Debugging not working for Meteor 1.2 apps in Webstorm?

I just upgraded my app to Meteor 1.2 and I noticed that Webstorm now ignores my breakpoints.

I removed the ECMAScript package and it seems to debug again.

So does Webstorm not support debugging for ECMAScript6?

Did you try the 11 EAP version?

nope. I’m on Webstorm 10.

Are you saying I can’t debug meteor apps unless I upgrade to an unstable version?

no, it’s just 11 has better support for ES2015 and is worth a try

Here, check this out

WebStorm [11] is also ready to support Meteor 1.2 including React and ECMAScript 2015.


actually it looks like Webstorm 11 won’t help.

Looks like Meteor 1.2 breaks Webstorm debugging. At least for now. :frowning:

Hope they fix this soon.

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Ah, yes, thanks for unearthing that info.

This is now fixed and released as of yesterday. You can download the latest EAP 11 to confirm debugging working again.

Is there any advantage to using WebStorm’s debugger vs throwing in a debugger statement on client side, or using Meteor’s debug command w/ Node Inspector?

Cool cool. Will give this a try tonight. Been looking forward to es2015

I haven’t tried the debugger command but not a big fan of node inspector.
You have to manually refresh the page to get the latest code etc.

Having it in the ide just makes things easier. Having said that though,
webstorms debugger can be a little slow and buggy (no pun intended). It’s
probably the best JavaScript debugger around but it’s not like debugging c#
code in visual studio.

A few points, though there’s more if you want to give it a try:

  • Webstorm integrates client/server debugging into one single platform where you can monitor the complete lifecycle
  • Adding/removing debugger; commands restarts meteor server which may take a lot of time depending on your project size, adding/removing breakpoints on Webstorm does not require server restarts
  • You have very handy tools to watch variables, and evaluate expressions and functions, anything you see on the screen, even custom expressions you want to try as alternative to the current one at that point in the execution tree, and do it on the fly, and on an easy to grasp window structure

Hi guys,

I am having big problems getting webstorm to debug both client- and server-side. :confounded:

With version 10 I don’t get it going at all.
With the latest version 11 eap I can debug the server but NOT the client, plus the eap release seems to be quite buggy.

Does it work for you guys?
How did you guys do it - whats the trick?

I’ve got breakpoints not being caught. It’s a bug, they’re working on it for the next EAP release.

Looks like JetBrains is working on some Babel sourcemaps issues in the latest EAP. The bug in server-side debugging got fixed relatively quickly. Hopefully the client-side bug gets fixed soon. A couple issues to track are here:

Is this fixed with the official version 11 now? I’m still on version 10 and I don’t want to use any EAP version which is just giving me some trouble in other unknown areas.

Removing the ecmascript package didn’t solve the issue for me, it actually created a “unexpected token” error for me all of a sudden (but syntax is correct and the error wasn’t thrown prior to that.

just this week they released a long-awaited fix for package-debugging (which wasn’t possible before):

They’re still having issues with it. But you may have better luck with one of the releases there.

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I think it’s supposed to be fixed in 11.0.2 or 11.0.3.

I can confirm that Webstorm 11.0.1 is still showing erratic behavior with breakpoints (which is the latest version I can use in their 30 day evaluation).

It was showing to execute a catch for me when in reality it never even went in it. That was proven from:

  • a console.log in the catch part was never printed
  • the err variable carrying the supposed-to-be error was undefined
  • a piece of code that should have broken Meteor code was never executed

Only solution is to downgrade to version as there is no real alternative IDE to WebStorm :frowning:

Could you post how to setup webstorm debuggin for meteor 1.1? I tried it several times but couldn’t get it to work(