Debugging on chrome with Meteor 1.3 modules and angular


I just finished updating my app to use Meteor 1.3 and changed my dir structure to use modules (using “imports” dirs).
Everything is working fine, but when I’m trying to look at my code on chrome console, I don’t see the source files anymore.
Instead, I see a “app.js?hash=…” file with all the source code crammed together. I can’t use this file to add breakpoints.

Same thing happens in the node inspector for the server side code when using the --debug-port flag.

I think it’s worth mentioning I’m using angular, and therefore the pbastowski:angular-meteor-babel package (and not the ecmascript package).

I’m guessing there’s something stupid I’m doing wrong here - but I don’t know what. Would love some help!

I just upgraded a 1.2 app to 1.3 to get a feel of the migration process and this exact problem reveaed itself.

Oh and I’ve done nothing but meteor update

Source files are no longer available, instead there are these ones with filename.js?hash=... files as you mentioned.

This is also mentioned on these places: