Deploying to Digital Ocean from a Windows Machine

So I am using Meteor on a windows PC and I am trying to deploy to Digital Ocean (standard linux server) but MUP looks like it dosen’t support Windows.

I know there are plenty guides out there but they either seem to discuss deploying with to Linux (only Mac/Linux to Linux Server) or deploying from Mac to Windows Server.

My apologizes if this has been asked before, I have looked around but haven’t found anything regarding this.

Any thoughts?

I’ve not used mup before but if you are in a hurry, you have two other options:

a) install a linux box on in a vm on your computer, install meteor on it and deploy with mup from there
b) get a 512mb vm on digital ocean, install meteor on it, deploy with mup from there

I appreciate your help. I will try to give one of those a go. I wish there was an easier way

Oh, you may also keep a copy of your workspace on somewhere like or cloud9 and it would all be simple if you are using git.

But I also encourage you to go over to and share your experience. They are already working on windows support and your experience will sure help them.

Interesting, I just started fiddling around with cloud9, this seems the easier route. How would I deploy from cloud9?

Nevermind i didn’t realize i could use NPM with this environment. Thank you for your help!

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I think mup can be installed and should work there, does cloud9 not
provide shell access wher you can do npm install?

It does, Sorry I am still getting the hang of all the deploy options for meteor. I appreciate all your help with this!

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I am very new to all this development; I am trying to deploy my app to a digital ocean droplet that already has nginx on it. I do not own a mac. My entire app is on github and cloud9. I see you seem to have no problem deploying. Is it at all possible for you to walk me through this. Our team of seniors are in a last 2 weeks crunch timeline. I need to have this website up by this week.

Hi @mgarf, how you find DigitalOcean so far?

I’d like to create an account with them. Is the deployment to complex?