Deprecated createContainer() in react-meteor-data 0.2.15


I started receiving deprecation warning for createContainer() in react-meteor-data 0.2.15

Is my understanding correct that migrating from createContainer() to withTracker() is as easy as the example below?

export default let PageContainer = createContainer(() => {}, Page);

export default let PageTracker = withTracker(() => {})(Page);

Are there any other changes that we need to be aware of?

Updated to reflect where the changes happen as mentioned below


The deprecation warnings you’ve started getting aren’t tied to Meteor 1.6, but are coming from the recently released 0.2.15 version of react-meteor-data (see PR 236 for details). Yes, your understanding of the changes is correct. For more details see the updated Using withTracker section of the Guide, or react-meteor-data's updated README.


Oh, just to add - if someone wants to submit a PR against the react branch of todos replacing createContainer with withTracker (see issue 246), I’ll merge it almost instantly! :slight_smile:


@hwillson something like this perhaps?