Developing a mobile app with Meteor


I am running into a bunch of problems trying to make a mobile app (starting with ios) with Meteor. Here are my questions if you have time.

  1. Hot code push doesn’t work well. Whenever I do meteor run ios-device I often have to terminate the console and run the command again because the app is broken after a hot code push.
  2. Not sure how to add a cordova plugin. After adding the a cordova plugin, my app broke and had to be deleted.

Has anyone run into such problems while developing a mobile app?


The problem is that there is not enough documentation about mobile development best practices. The only one that I found is this.
However, make sure that new cordova plugin installed is inserted into Meteor.startup like this:

 Meteor.startup(function () {


I’m also noticing a lot of bugs/problems with hot code push and running iso-device. Same issues. I typically kill simulator, stop the app in Xcode and hit build again (I keep meteor run iso-device running and don’t have to restart that). Sometimes I need to delete the app in simulator, and rebuild from Xcode.

I noticed on the link just posted this:

If you push a malformed version of your app to the clients, your clients can get stuck in a state where they cannot download a newer (fixed) version. In that case your best bet is to either push a new version through App Store or Play Store, or tell your users to clean the application data (that’s where the malformed version of the app is stored).

I’m wondering if this is possibly related to the post I just made at iOS app randomly not loading

However, I haven’t pushed a “malformed version” of the app to clients. The code pushed up was deployed and verified successful. It almost seems that hot code push potentially triggers the app to update before all of the code updates are completely deployed - could this possibly be the case?



Yes. I have also had exactly the same experience. My app would be stuck in the splash screen randomly.


This is related to Meteor Cordova iOS app splash screen hangs on hot code load – lots of people are having the same issue.