iOS app randomly not loading

I’m wondering if anyone else has had a problem with an iPhone app randomly not loading after a code update. I’m testing now through TestFlight, and after a certain number of code updates, it randomly just displays the app splash screen and never loads the meteor site. The site is up and online through a web browser, however it just sticks on the splash screen. If I delete the app and re-download it through TestFlight, everything loads just fine.

It seems as though something is not properly verifying or there is some sort of stale cache that doesn’t get refreshed. I wanted to see if 1) anyone else encountered a similar situation, and 2) if it happens only in TestFlight and not something that made it’s way through to the app store. This seems like a pretty big bug, and I was under the impression that TestFlight exactly mimic’s an app that is deployed through the app store. If this is the case, it raises a pretty large concern.

Maybe you can add to this discussion:

If you’ve isolated it to TestFlight, that may be useful info. :smile:

I haven’t, as I don’t have any iOS apps through the iTunes store in production. I don’t think this is specific to TestFlight.

This is also related to Meteor Cordova iOS app splash screen hangs on hot code load