Developing npm package: live testing in an app

I liked the packages subfolder from the meteor package system because it allows you to develop and test a package in an example app.
With npm you got the node_modules folder in which the npm modules are stored. If I develop a package I had to npm publish and npm update to test it.
I don’t want to copy the source of my npm module into my app.

What I want to do is:

  • creating a new npm module on my disk
  • have this module linked in my expample app
  • when I change the module the example app should get build again

You can directly modify the files inside of the node_modules folder. But I’m not sure if the meteor server restarts automatically.


You are looking for npm link

And this nice blog post about that could help you even more.


I wll try, thank you.

I just went through this myself a week ago.

You might get some ideas/solutions from Meteor Mantra Kickstarter gets external NPM CRUD modules