Diagram of Meteor application

Is there any available diagram of Meteor application architecture like this but more like for Todos example for guide?
This may include MongoDB, communication (DDP), possible Nginx reverse proxy, possible Docker on one diagram and nodejs, Blaze/React, … on other diagram.

I can draw this if you can help me how to connect this together.

There is a great diagram that depicts the “file relationships” between all the files in the official react todo guide application


There are also some excellent higher level architectural diagrams that @awatson1978 prepared for their clinical meteor track and she actually promised to open source them :wink:


Google’s image search is your friend: meteor architecture


Oh yes, my bad, i use DuckDuckGO so long that i almost forgot Google. It seems that image searching doesn’t work that well as other things (and at least we have google “proxy” - startpage)