Did your `meteor deploy`ed app database become empty for a few hours?


Hi everyone,

A few days ago we ran a script to migrate data for some applications into a new Mongo cluster. This process was supposed to be seamless, but there was a bug that led to data not being migrated correctly and apps ending up with an empty database.

We noticed this early this morning and switched all apps back to the original database. This means that all data before the migration is intact.

There may be a small number of apps in which users inserted or modified data when the app database was empty. You may have a deployed app in which users submitted important data in the past few days that is now unavailable since we switched back to the original database. In the unlikely case that your app is one of these – you can let us know either on this thread or a private message and we can give you access to that data (probably by sending you the output of mongodump).

Sorry for this, and have a nice weekend.
Avital (on behalf of the Meteor production team).


Kudos on being so transparent, proactive and willing to go the extra mile even on a free service!