Dilemma - Angular Meteor vs Meteor


I know that this might sound a little awkward but could someone enlighten me as to why one would require to use Angular + Meteor when Meteor (and Blaze) could accomplish most of the work? I do understand that the Angular Eco system offers a lot of packages and in this manner when using Angular + Meteor you would gain access to these, but Blaze does make things a hell lot simpler. Is it maybe performance? I am currently using Angular2 Meteor framework by Uri to see if there are any potential advantages but am having a hard time justifying its use within classic Meteor apps. Can anyone enlighten me?



There are following advantages of Angular + Meteor:

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I think you were going to type in something else?

No, that was a full list.

Now seriously, I can only think of 1) not being forced to rewrite the frontend if you ever change the backend, 2) full typescript support.

I can recommend going this way for people who come to Meteor from Angular background. Otherwise, for people who look for other solution than Blaze, I’d go either for React (because it’s better than Angular) or Vuejs (because it’s as simple as Blaze).

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thanks for demystifying it!

Here is an expression I saw in this forum and liked a lot:

  • If you like React, use React
  • If you like Angular use Blaze (which we are using with great success) or Vue


Angular picked up (for a while) as Google was behind it, but the fact that Google in itself is not using it for most (if not all) of its production apps, and the delay + breaking changes of Angular 2 has made it lose favor with many.


I think it’s good to add that I asked this question primarily because I was motivated by another question. Meteoric is dead and I would really like to use Ionic and Blaze. Blaze is FANTASTIC and many seem to fail to see how practical it is. I really wish that it gets some updates because it is the way to go with such a beautiful framework. While I do like Angular 2 within the classic MEAN stack. I am seeing no point in using Angular 2 to handle the View :frowning:

Blaze is getting some updates, look at the repo. A recent change I love is that you can do this now

{{#if condition1}}
   <!-- do something cool -->
{{else if condition2}}
   <!-- do something even cooler -->
   <!-- really uncool! -->

Grrr. Now I have to rewrite my Vue for Meteor users tutorial where I say that you can’t do else if in Blaze. :slight_smile: Thx.

For me, Blaze is nice. Blaze with manuel:viewmodel is great.