Discover Apollo?

Quoting from the latest Discover Meteor newsletter:

I know it’s been a while, but we’ve been busy despite our lack of news! Both Tom and I have spent a lot of time working with Apollo, and we’ve decided to start blogging about our experiences.

@sacha @tmeasday - the last time you guys started blogging about your experiences, we ended up with the awesome Discover Meteor book. Does that mean Discover Apollo is coming? My wallet is open!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve referred so many meteor-curious to discover meteor back in the day, I myself was a happy customer, too!

Now if there’s a discover apollo book (keeping its roots in meteor, though, for simplicity if nothing else), not only would I pay for and keep it handy, I’d definitely refer it to everyone who asks me “hey how do I become a developer”.


@hwillson @serkandurusoy thanks! I think we need to wait for things to settle down a bit more before we consider if we want to write a “Discover Apollo”. But it’s certainly nice to know there’s demand for it :slight_smile:


Count me as one who will buy it. This time you should consider doing a video course. More perceived value = you can sell it for more.

Video courses are super hard to update though, since you basically have to re-film everything from scratch anytime you need to change something. So they’re not great for fast-evolving libraries like Apollo.


Well like you said, you’re not going to do it until Apollo stabilizes a bit more anyway. I guess it’s just a matter of asking yourself: is selling a video course for $72 - $150 worth the extra work? I’d say yes but that’s entirely subjective. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t fancy video courses much, but I was a very happy Discover Meteor customer and would most def buy Discover Apollo w/o thinking about it twice!


I’m doing my best to create a Discover Apollo :smile:


Bring it on :slight_smile:

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Launched Discover Meteor for Apollo! :smile:

Announcement post: