Discuss.atom.io looks awefully like forums.meteor.com


Is discuss.atom.io a Meteor App, it looks exactly like forums.meteor.com! Or is forums.meteor.com a Meteor version of discuss.atom.io?


There’s a sneaky thing going on here: all of these forums are actually running Discourse, a popular forum application.


Neither, they are both http://www.discourse.org/

Interesting, though. This question seems to be becoming a recurring pattern.


Oh, I didn’t know someone had already asked this. I was so sure forums.meteor.com was a Meteor App, silly me :slight_smile: I should have noticed that my Meteor Spotting app never flashed here.


“my Meteor Spotting app”

Sounds interesting. Care to share a bit of info?


@datrimble sorry if I mislead you but I mean the Meteor Spotting app from The Bakery. It’s a Chrome App built with Meteor (I’m not sure here but a Google search reveal something similar) you can find it Chrome App Store.