Do we have any recent survey on the distribution of Frontend frameworks used with MeteorJS apps?

Would like to see something like:

Framework % used


Background info, I’m having a discussion right now with a Dev who just joined my project that React and Vue are more preferable FE frameworks. Which I agree with in regards to NodeJS projects but I do believe that specifically for MeteorJS projects it’s a bit more differentiated.

There are still a lot of Devs here that can also write Frontend code in Blaze, which I believe has still a smaller but core community here on MeteorJS.

But open to hear what others think, I know that there’s ongoing work right now to modernize/update Blaze and I’m very much looking forward to it.

(I cannot find the 2022 results)


Super RJ, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks, as always (you’ve helped me many times).

@DanielDornhardt @storyteller Maybe it’s time for another community survey?

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I’d second that but now that Tiny actually has a community team (or is this no longer existing with Tatiana or whatever her name was gone?) it would be great if they could run it.

Surely will provide some good insights that can be used for marketing purposes outside of the community of hardcode MeteorJS users like us here on the forum.

I’m not part of the official Meteor team but I reckon it’d be hard for them to run the survey especially that they’re busy with the 3.0 update. Second RC comes out tomorrow and launch week is just over. So I think maybe the community might take over this one.