2024 Front-end framework survey for Meteor

As suggested in a forum topic, and with Meteor 3.0 just around the corner, it is time for a new Front-end framework survey for Meteor.

What is your front-end framework of choice when using Meteor?

  • React
  • VueJS
  • Blaze
  • Svelte
  • Solid
  • Angular
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Currently use React, but I’m looking at Solid.

This is a “trick question” for me (or maybe I’m giving a “trick answer”…)

My team uses Vue, but has used React before as well. I personally find Vue as a framework more closely aligned with the Meteor ethos (and I would say the same for Svelte as well).

That said, Vue 2 and Meteor 2, and the transition to Vue 3 and Meteor 3, has produced a few challenges for us that we frankly would not have had if we just used React. That’s just because React + Babel is an easy combination to get up and running, where as Vue adds more compilation tools into the mix and those are always a bit dependent on community support in the Meteor world.

Then again, when we did use React (with MUI), we spent more time writing components than actually getting functional UIs up and running (with Vuetify).

With Vite integration and Meteor 3, I suppose Vue 3 would be my choice still. But, with recent (and decent?) QOL updates to React, we’ll see how that goes. Really, Vite opens up a lot of options for every framework, and at the rate Remix React Router “7” is going maybe new freaky combinations of Remix React Router + Meteor will be possible in the near future, which’d be fun. You can do something similar with Meteor 3, Vite, Vue 3 and Unplugin Vue Router with the data fetching RFC.

But frontend is still way fiddlier than it should be, no matter the framework, alongside being a constantly moving target to support, and it’s the part of the stack I dread giving a straight answer about the most (Which some might see as a reason to use Blaze :wink: )


Vue is my choice as well. But more generally, my hope is too that with Vite Meteor could become a lot more front-end agnostic and a good fit for whatever front-end library anyone prefers.


Looks like @nachocodoner is on top of this. We hope that “modernizining the bundler” can significantly help whatever frontend we are using


We plan to use Vite as our bundler and explore its additional benefits to better align with the ecosystem. This will also free us from the responsibility of maintaining our own bundler and give us time to focus on what matters.

I’ve been all about React in my career, but I’ve played around with Svelte and Vue, and I gotta say, they’re way more fun and easy to work with. When we get full support with Vite, I’m thinking about trying out an MVV (Meteor + Vite + Vue) stack for my new side projects.