Docker Error with Meteor

Error: EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename ‘/opt/app-src/.meteor/local/isopacks/npm-container’ -> ‘/opt/app-src/.meteor/local/isopacks/npm-container-garbage-1wwpyy3’`

What version of meteor are you using?
What image did you use?
Is this before or after running docker build?

It is impossible to troubleshoot your error with the amount of information you have given.

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Hey Khamoud ,

Version of Meteor :
Docker image : lobdocker/mantis-web
I’m using linux machine .
This come before the docker build. When I have start to build then I got this error :

promise/promise_server.js:190 throw error;

** ^Error: EXDEV: cross-device link not permitted, rename ‘/opt/app-src/.meteor/local/isopacks/npm-container’ -> ‘/opt/app-src/.meteor/local/isopacks/npm-container-garbage-15gkjc1’"**

Thanks & Regards ,

Please help me out I’m stuck in that from two days .

has this problem been solved?

Yes ,Issue of Meteor node version . After updating meteor node version in Docker it has been resolved .

@beingalok I’ve got same problem: [SOLVED] Meteor app running on docker

I’m using Meteor and Node 6.9 in my docker image Is that ok?

You should adjust the Node version to the one used by your Meteor release:

meteor node --version

That shows this version: v4.7.3

Should the same one then?

Working now after change FROM node:last