Documentation for meteor apps?


I was searching the best way to implement a documentation for the app which im working.
I found this thread about using meteor-jsdoc.
Im using that at the moment since im using meteor 1.4.2, but it’s quite old (and it’s deprecated as github says :c).
And this other one about using custom themes with JSdoc
Is this the way to go? If not, what else could be?


I’m at the moment using jsdoc without Meteor. My reasoning is that the doc should run as a static page. Also the only downside I found with this approach is that the feature that shows if its a client or server method, does not exist and you will have to create it yourself


You’re right, it makes more sense to be static. At least the downside can be fixed. I think I will make the transition over jsdocs-alone ,thanks for the answer :smiley: !

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