Pure npm jsdoc generation for meteor. Clientside vs serverside

Hey, I’m trying to figure out how to best generate a documentation for a large Meteor project. The project has both npm and atmosphere packages / libraries that need to be documented and i’m using jsdoc to generate them. So far so good. I’ve got my documentation up and running, but there are some things that I wasn’t able to figure out yet. Its unlikely to be meteor specific, but I do see that docs.meteor.com has already solved the issue:

Differentiating server and clientside code. I see that the jsdocs of meteor are using a tag called @locus. However its not documented anywhere and it seems to be specifically made for meteor and meteor-jsdoc.

Its also good to mention that I find meteor-jsdoc a bit too much and too custom made for meteor in regards to the project that i’m working on.

So how do I differentiate serverside, clientside and ‘Anywhere’ in my jsdocs without having to use meteor-jsdoc? Are there other meteor specific gotchas that I will have to watch out for when writing documentation?

We found the standard JSDoc output to be insufficient. Basically, the idea is that you can add custom tags, like locus and then display them in the output HTML, but only if you build a custom theme.

It took only a few days to write a custom theme for JSDoc and it’s been working ever since. BTW - the docs.meteor.com system isn’t really made to be used by anyone else, we built it specifically for those docs.

But we looked for a long time and didn’t find a “standard” solution, I think custom tags are the way to go.

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Thanks! I think I will create some custom ones for my needs :slight_smile:

hi guys i found this jsdoc for meteor tell me if you know it ?

Yep. Its quite a known one and works really well. However, i’m not willing to spin up a meteor server just for documentation. I rather have it reside in a S3 bucket as static files