Does Compose or MongoLab use WiredTiger?


I’m trying to find out if any hostiny company is using MongoDB version 3.2 (seems at least talked about it) but the only thing I could find out was the article on that they aren’t using WiredTiger yet (that was in May 2015).

So is MongoLab or (or any other MongoDB hosting company) using WiredTiger? Obviously the compression is bringing down the costs a lot.


Latest version Compose supports is 3.0.6.


ObjectRocket have support for WiredTiger


True, but only from 20GB onwards and only in London and East Coast Data Center according to this article:

But at least they offer it and they also have an excellent article on the performance increase (yes, despite the compression) and the space saving. See more here:

I can confirm both from using WT with version 3.2 locally


I’m not talking about which version they use. To my knowledge they still don’t offer it with WT, version or not


Here is an official response from Compose (I just talked to them):

At this point we are still researching the possibility of supporting WiredTiger. We do plan to make this available at some point, but there is currently no hard ETA on it. Best estimate at this time would be sometime late Q1 or in Q2 of 2016. Keep an eye out on our website or social media outlets as its availability will be announced there.


Thanks for checking that out with them. Currently reading up on MongoLab but even their exact prices seem to be so secret they don’t show them.

Guess that limits my choices down to OR vs Compose which are very comparable in price but Compose offers Replica from the beginning onwards where OR only offers it from 5 GB onwards.

Compose also now an IBM company, that generally doesn’t mean any good (based on past acquisitions Big Blue made like eg Unica)


NodeChef is compatible with mongoDB 3.2. Public beta isn’t yet available but you can add it to your options.


Do you or has anyone else experience with NodeChef? I’ve never heard about them before. How would they compare to a Modulus + Compose combination? Or Modulus + MongoLab for that matter?


is Scalingo WiredTiger enabled already?


Check out Introducing Nodechef: Meteor hosting for developers for more details.


Not yet, but we’ll propose that in the near future as an option for our MongoDB Addon.


Everyone is afraid their revenue breaks down due to the nice compression algorithm making all the databases shrink by +60%

That’s the main reason it’s not yet implemented, everyone else is just Marketing BS

PS: I run version 3.2 fine on my local machine since months. It flies and is using up a lot less space!


But is WiredTiger available in your MongoDB offering? I looked at your web site (features page, pricing page) and couldn’t find any statement about WiredTiger.

By the way, it appears that IBM Bluemix stole your web site theme.


Looks like Compose released WiredTiger:


Can someone ELI5 on WiredTiger? Do we have to do anything else other than just enable it?


Yes and they used that opportunity to raise prices from 18 USD to 31 USD, a hefty 72% price increase. I don’t know about your salary but mine unfortunately hasn’t increased at all, for sure not 72%.

That’s a shame, probably the downside when you’re now an IBM company who apparently has to lay off more than 100k of it’s employees (as reported), so you squeeze every dollar out of your investments that you can get (even if you lose customer in the process).

What isn’t clear from their article if the price change is for their current customer (like me) as well. Price changes are always an opportunity to cancel the existing contract.

For 31 USD per month it becomes more and more attractive to look for alternatives, even pay someone to setup MongoDB on a dedicated server. Even more so when you consider the huge saving in disk space when enabling WT (which would cost 133 USD per month to start with).

Looks like is testing how lazy their customer are in changing to another provider.

So, can someone recommend alternatives? Anyone willing to help setup a dedicated server (for a fee obviously)?


It seems your main interest in WiredTiger storage engine is the compression feature. You can acheive reduced disk space usage with NodeChef’s mongoDB compatible database without the cost of CPU and RAM. Not speaking about all the many features included for free. The pricing is startup friendly as well.


I’ve contacted and they clarified that there is no price change for existing customer.


Thanks for the info. As I’m still in development I do have no idea about how large my database will be once more users are on it. I also have no idea at what rate it will increase overall. Hence I’m trying to manage the cost and find the right solution before I know what exactly I do need (in terms of disk space, memory requirements etc.).

The compression is helping a lot and like I wrote earlier on I have no problems running MongoDB 3.2 locally (apart from that repeated error message: W NETWORK [HostnameCanonicalizationWorker] Failed to obtain name info for: [ (, "nodename nor servname provided, or not known"), (, "nodename nor servname provided, or not known") ]