Does Meteor Have Many Limitations


Hello first I would like to introduce myself here… My name is Nick and I am from the UK, and I usually spend a lot of my time on Magento developing automotive websites for clients.

Reading about Meteor feels like a breath of fresh air to me as I am primarily a front-end dev. After watching videos about Meteor I can say that I feel like this is the future of how many web apps will be made from now on.

So back to me working with Magento… The truth is I find that I need to move away from Magento for the following reasons:

  1. It is packed with unnecessary functions that I dont need.
  2. We don’t even use the checkout as we only list products.
  3. Making bespoke changes to the admin or front-end can be a pain.
  4. I feel as if I am bound by Magento’s rules.
  5. Updating all of our clients sites is a complete pain.

The reason I am posting in this forum is for some insight and general questioning whether or not my idea is possible.

So I’m just wondering if the following is possible with Meteor and what limitations it might have.

  1. I want to have one central server for my web app with one database. On Magento all of my clients used to have different servers and different databases and I found this was very hard to keep every site organised.
  2. I want to give each one of my clients their own dashboard/user-account where they can add products to their account and have the options to add attributes to the products.
  3. Can each account have it’s own domain on my server that links to it’s own directory? So for example I would like to list all of my clients products in a template on their own domains so they don’t have to use our domain.
  4. A lot of my clients have their products in CSV files and import them via the Magento dataflow profiles. Could I import these CSV into my users account area as products by mapping them?

Essentially I am trying to create a lightweight version of Magento that has much less features and is controlled from one server and on code base apart from the front end templating.

Is this possible with Meteor JS? Before I plunged in and I thought it might be a good idea to ask here.

Thanks, Nick


Creating an ecommerce solution is not a light undertaking and I don’t have specific answers to your specific question, but I believe you should take a very close look at which is an open source meteor ecommerce platform. I think you’ll find a lot of answers in there.


I am not having that much sound knowledge of the Magento platform. But I can suggest you where you can get knowledge about these type of questions you can click on this link for more details.

multi vendor shopping cart


@nickmaddren You can check demo of reaction commerce at & some site showcase at I am sure you’ll love it and won’t look back at Magento.

We are a development agency located at New Delhi, India. We were also working in PHP/MySQL, Joomla, WordPress, Magento etc - but from last 2 years - we are now mainly working in Meteor and have completed 18 different apps so far. We haven’t developed anything using Reaction Commerce so far, but we are going to use it for our future projects.