Does SEO work properly with meteor? Can you be #1 on results?


Hi everyone,

this is partly a hypothetical question. I am wondering if SEO with the current state by using spiderable works or is it broken? Is it just a false promise and do we have to wait for server-side rendering?

Why I am asking is that I am working on a startup right now and I will require good SEO rankings, that is given good SEO practices in general of course. Any thoughts about this?


It requires some effort, but it does actually work and does not deserve the constant bashing.

You should design your code, tags, content etc properly, as you would with any other tech stack and test with spiderable.

With spiderable, make sure you test all your routes so that there is no subscription without a ready() call and make sure there are no javascript bugs left around. Also, spiderable (phantomjs) may become resource intensive so it may be better to make sure your setup can handle that extra load.


It absolutely works. Use iron-router, iron-seo and spiderable plugins, design your app structure and HTML properly (as usual…) and check your publications for ready() calls. Then add a sitemap package to your app and submit it in the google webmastertools. works fine for me.