Does using SSR completely disables CSR?

Currently I am using Flowrouter, but thinking on moving to React-Router mainly for better SSR. The idea of using SSR is for SEO purposes.

When SSR is enabled, does CSR stops working or how does SSR actually work in these environments? Is it like the old PHP sites?

SSR works for the initial request, and for subsequent requests, CSR kicks in (if you use react-router link component)

As @serkandurusoy mentioned it, SSR doesn’t not compete with CSR, on the contrary. SSR hydrates the CSR part allowing injection of data before subscription happen. Actually, on a pub/sub based framework, this is the way to go to achieve proper SEO. Robots from Google or Yandex will never wait for your subscription to get ready… Robots have no patience :thinking:

You can find more information in the source of this package:

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Actually, robots have no patience and customers have even less :smile:

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