Email not working. Tested MailGun & MailChimp. Start server and it sends an email. But then all other emails will not send

It seems there is a relatively major issue with email going on. There’s a number of threads.

  • I’ve been using the same mailgun setup for like 2 years, have never had this happen
  • I don’t think I changed my setup at all (same 1.4 meteor version, same email package)
  • a fresh server will send an email, but then all other emails will not send
  • no error is thrown in a try/catch block
  • mailgun shows the same behavior
  • mailchimp shows the same behavior
  • mailchimp logs do not show an email in the logs, so it seems that my meteor server is never sending it out

explicitly upgrading the email package to email@1.2.3 seems to have done the job, but it’s hard to tell until it’s been tested more. Will report back.

i have the same problem. after i update my meteor project from 1.4 to 1.5 the email throw an error. it says Greeting never received.