Mysterious server crash (due to SMTP connection timeout)

I’ve just gotten this for the first time:

W20170420-20:45:56.746(-5)? (STDERR) events.js:141
W20170420-20:45:56.747(-5)? (STDERR)       throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
W20170420-20:45:56.748(-5)? (STDERR)       ^
W20170420-20:45:56.748(-5)? (STDERR)
W20170420-20:45:56.749(-5)? (STDERR) Error: Unexpected Response: 421 Timeout. Try talking faster next time!
W20170420-20:45:56.749(-5)? (STDERR)     at SMTPConnection._processResponse (/Users/samh/.meteor/packages/email/.
W20170420-20:45:56.750(-5)? (STDERR)     at SMTPConnection._onData (/Users/samh/.meteor/packages/email/.
W20170420-20:45:56.750(-5)? (STDERR)     at emitOne (events.js:77:13)
W20170420-20:45:56.752(-5)? (STDERR)     at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:169:7)
W20170420-20:45:56.752(-5)? (STDERR)     at readableAddChunk (_stream_readable.js:153:18)
W20170420-20:45:56.753(-5)? (STDERR)     at TLSSocket.Readable.push (_stream_readable.js:111:10)
W20170420-20:45:56.753(-5)? (STDERR)     at TLSWrap.onread (net.js:540:20)
=> Exited with code: 1
=> Meteor server restarted

Unfortunately the stack trace doesn’t tell me where this originated from so it’s pretty tough to pin down. I was hoping someone here might have a clue how I can trace this.

I had this error with email 1.2.0 after updating to but it was solved by updating email to 1.2.1, I believe it was issue but there were a couple related to a similar error

Any solution on this isseu? In my end I got this error below when sending an email and the email is not delivered.

I20170621-04:55:57.606(0)? Exception while invoking method '_addEmails' Error: Connection timeout
I20170621-04:55:57.607(0)?     at Object.Future.wait (/home/ubuntu/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/.
I20170621-04:55:57.608(0)?     at Mail._syncSendMail (packages/meteor.js:213:24)
I20170621-04:55:57.609(0)?     at smtpSend (packages/email.js:116:13)
I20170621-04:55:57.610(0)?     at Object.Email.send (packages/email.js:174:5)
I20170621-04:55:57.610(0)?     at [object Object].Meteor.methods._addEmails (server/global/email.js:65:19)
I20170621-04:55:57.611(0)?     at maybeAuditArgumentChecks (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:1737:12)
I20170621-04:55:57.613(0)?     at packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:719:19
I20170621-04:55:57.614(0)?     at [object Object]._.extend.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1122:17)
I20170621-04:55:57.614(0)?     at packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:717:40
I20170621-04:55:57.616(0)?     at [object Object]._.extend.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1122:17)
I20170621-04:55:57.616(0)?     - - - - -
I20170621-04:55:57.617(0)?     at SMTPConnection._formatError (/home/ubuntu/.meteor/packages/email/.
I20170621-04:55:57.618(0)?     at SMTPConnection._onError (/home/ubuntu/.meteor/packages/email/.
I20170621-04:55:57.618(0)?     at [object Object].<anonymous> (/home/ubuntu/.meteor/packages/email/.
I20170621-04:55:57.619(0)?     at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:92:15)

Note that I’m using Meteor 1.5 and email version is 1.2.3.

Any thoughts why I’m getting this issue?

i have the same problem. i hope someone here can help me… after upgrading my email package it give me an error now. it says Greeting never receive.