ES2015 in Meteor 1.2 Tutorial

The following is a direct quote from yesterday’s Meteor’s 1.2 Release blog post:

"So we’re all in on it: the Meteor tutorial and a growing fraction of Meteor core is now pure ES2015. "

The link takes us to the Meteor Tutorial. I went through the code, it is the same ES5 code that I have seen before. There is nothing ES6 specific code there. Am I looking in the right place? If no then the hyperlink is taking us to the wrong version.

Please verify.


Yep, I was wondering the same thing.

I think this is an error in the Blog post. The React tutorial is in ES2015, but we haven’t updated the default Blaze one yet.

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They still use React.createClass() instead of using class and extending React.Component though.

I believe that is because Meteor uses the ReactMeteorData Mixin. React mixins are not directly supported when creating classes using es2015 style. Though there are npm packages that add this support such as React Mixin

Are there any example applications that have been updated to work with ES2015? I am also interested in learning how to debug them. Will the Chrome debugger automatically use the source maps on Clients? Same question for Node Inspector on the server.

Yes, source maps work correctly out of the box.

We have a whole section of the guide about this: