Excited to know that work on Meteor 1.5 has been started

Come to know about Meteor 1.5 from Meteor Weekly. “This is kind of a big deal. Meteor 1.5 will be the first version of Meteor that will be installable via npm. We probably won’t see this release for a little while, but keep an eye on this branch if you’re curious.”

Great work MDG!!! Looking forward to see Meteor 1.4 and then Meteor 1.5 :smile: :smile: :sunny: :sunny:


Dear @benjamn - Any tentative date for Meteor 1.5 release?

I wouldn’t give an exact date ;).

1.4 bug free release will probably take another 1-2 weeks at least. I’m guessing 1.5 won’t be earlier than 2-3 months from now. Can’t wait though! I hope 1.5 will mean by the way that we can finally figure out where unwanted dependencies are coming from :slight_smile: !!!


Thanks @AndreasGalster. Thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to see 1.5 ASAP.

Great News: Meteor/Apollo Integration Coming in 1.5

Good to see Meteor 1.4 - Meteor 1.4 just released! - Waiting for Meteor 1.5 now.

Is meteor 1.5 dead? I know not release date, with benjamin only one working on 1.4.2 beta I doubt he’d follow up with 1.5, that started in april, in couple of weeks and is currenly closed as a pull request

Still coming. 1.5 is targetting Apollo integration now though, which is why that PR was closed. As per @benjamn, here:

Though I appreciate the positive response to this PR, it’s pretty far out of date at this point. I am still excited about the possibility of installing Meteor from npm; however, the current plan for Meteor 1.5 is to focus on Apollo/GraphQL integration, in order to support databases other than Mongo (among other important goals). I’d be happy to continue talking about the npm idea, but it feels incorrect to put the label “Meteor 1.5” on that discussion.

Of course, before 1.5, is still 1.4.2, targetting some very welcome performance improvements in the build process - there’s PR #7668 for that, for those that want to follow along. There’s also other work still going on in the devel branch, so yes, stuff is happening.

To summarize, first, 1.4.2 with performance gains, then 1.5 with Apollo integration, and then the npm release will come after that (but as you saw in that original PR, there’s already been a lot of work on that).


Apollo to meteor integration won’t be overly customized compared to indie integrations out there? I’ve read that it takes 2 lines to integrate the two, other than all that will happen is that sub/pub will be combined between the two implementation as well as DDP and graphql equivalent? Otherwise must I just focus on front end, or is ok it to roll with some indie integration for not too distant release?

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I’ve rolled out my integration very similar to what was suggested in the Apollo docs for Meteor. It was a breeze. I can only assume the transition to 1.5 from 1.4 for existing Apollo devs will be somewhat painless.


What exactly happens with mini-mongo in this instance? Do u still get optimistic ui?

I dropped in Redux and combined the Apollo reducer with. Effectively making minimongo useless, however I suppose you could still use it if you wanted.

Optimistic UI, right… That doesn’t work anymore for me ever since publications were replaced with Meteor calls since they were so complex, which were then replaced with pretty GraphQL queries.

It’s very easy to set an optimistic response for a mutation in the Apollo-client.



Where has benjamin gone, the 1.4.2 would appear to be done now. Gimme 1.5

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Release 1.4.2 #7668
Open benjamn wants to merge 145 commits into master from release-1.4.2

Any tentative timeline for Meteor 1.5 release?


Any tentative timeline for Meteor 1.5 release?

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I think we should move away from thinking oriented around version numbers. Please consult the Meteor Roadmap and issues/PRs on GitHub for what is currently being worked on.

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Thanks @sashko. Thanks for your inputs.

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