Extended Meteor.userId() and Meteor.user()

Adding this package to your Meteor application:

  • makes Meteor.userId() work also inside the publish endpoint functions
  • prevents direct modification of the user’s profile from the client, which is otherwise allowed by Meteor
  • extends Meteor.user(userId) into Meteor.user(userId, fields) which now accepts an argument to limit queried fields (and thus function’s reactivity); userId is optional and if not specified Meteor.userId() is used instead

Wow, this.userId vs Meteor.userId() was by far the most annoying inconsistency for me, even more than this vs template vs Template.instance().



Thanks @mitar !!
Indeed, it was annoying and disallowed some usage of user related logic for me.

Well done, looks great.

This would be very nice for Meteor to have natively. Since pub functions are scoped to the client requesting a sub, it makes sense to provide familiar APIs for easy code re-use (for example, validation functions, etc).

I made a new idea for it on GitHub: https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/5882

What’s the diff bw
Meteor.user({username: 1})

Meteor.user({username: 1}) limits reactivity only to the username field and returns the whole object. Meteor.user().username returns just the username. If you need username, the best thing is to do Meteor.user({username: 1}).username.