External code with meteor


Sorry for the total newbie question here, but I was wondering if/how one could built a meteor site/web app that used a third party component, such as a servlet or other Java based construct. In particular, I’m looking to put together an Integer Programming project for school, so I would need a way to call the IP solver code.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Use the shell you can execute another process on the server.
I don’t know if this is the most efficient way but its an option. + you need to give more detail.

Here is a useful library if you want to write shell script from meteor


If it has a REST API then you can call it like a web service, from the server or the client.


A servlet would require a servlet container and all servlet apis therefore you could expose the java app with an http soap or rest endpoint as @spicemix suggests.

If your app is a java executable, then you can go with @Murwade’s suggestion.

If it is a class library which is not executable, you’ll need to interface it with either an executable main, an http api (using either the servlet api or one of the ws packages out there), or a tcp/ip stack (built in net and messaging apis)