Extract data from Oracle DB

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I need to extract some data from an Oracle database and inject them into a Meteor MongoDB database.
Unfortunately, after some reseach, it seems impossible to do this with Meteor.
So I started to dig into a pur NodeJS (with oracle driver) solution.

Before going further into coding this solution, I just wanted to know if I missed something and if someone have an idea about the best way to do this.

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Data on a relational database is structurally different than data on a nosql database and therefore need transformations.

I suggest, rather than using direct driver access to your source/target databases, you use an ETL tool that is capable of connecting to oracle and mongodb, and of course also capable of doing data transformations.

I find http://www.talend.com/ to be particularly strong.

I’ve also had success in the past with https://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jaspersoft-etl and http://community.pentaho.com/projects/data-integration/.

Make sure your _id fields are 17 character unique random strings and not object id’s.


Sorry for such a late reply. Thank you for your feedback.
In the end, I extracted, tranformed and loaded data manually from ours Oracle databases to our Mongo DB.
I used a “pure” NodeJS solution with the help of MongoJS, OracleDB and Async to do all of this in parallel.

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I have solution about the query, As you extract data from database and then inject them into Meteor Mongodb database . This can be done by using SSIS Mongo db data source . I am sharing URL here, Where You will get complete help of your work.

Start here** SSIS MongoDB Source**

If you need more help , Please let me know.