Farewell meteor-talk :)

Thanks for setting this up MDG :slight_smile: Should be a much better experience. Excited to get started.


Yeah this is my first time using Discourse, it’s going to be interesting to kick the tires and see what it’s like!


Glad you got your way — to attempt to slay the google groups!

So does this mean that yes, we lost the battle to spam? :smile:

Glad to have a much better alternative - thanks MDG!


And we can a lot posts in a well organized manner. I like it.
Making replies kind a weird. Didn’t realized we can reply to individual comments at first.

Yeah it’s interesting that you can reply to an individual comment but it still just goes at the bottom of the stream.

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Yeah! That’s the weird part. We’ll get used to it.

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Great to be here!

So does this replace meteor-core also? That list hadn’t been overrun by spam yet (although I guess it was a matter of time…)

I think we can have category here.
Or just use github for core stuff.

Exciting new beginnings!

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yay its nice to see everyone pics here so i can put a face to the name at devshop events!


super cool!!! Discourse will surely help boost the meteor community.

can we add more categories?

p.s.: now we can edit and correct typos, bye bye Google Groups, it’s 2015 already :smiley:

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I, for one, welcome our new Discourse masters…

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Yesssss… finally “one” place to have these conversations. What about crater.io??? Will it be valid??

Great to finally add some realtime-ness to our conversations, hope to hang out here more often!

Woohoo new meteor forums! This feels much better! Thanks MDG.

Great idea from a great team :slight_smile:

ps: looks and feels great from my mobile phone

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finaly !
I wasnt looking into meteor-talk/core so often because of the spam
and because you could not find anything anymore!

hope this will be a better way here :smile:

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I’ve been fiddling with the CSS of this forum a bit today, let me know if you have any suggestions for UI improvements!

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finally… thanks for taking this step.

you will see how this will soon lead to a much more active community.