FIXED 💥 is down 💥 is down :frowning:

Yup, can confirm, happened to a colleague of mine.

It’s serving raw HTML. Looks like the app behind it is crashing.

This brings up two issues:

  1. Why is behind an app rather then a static asset on something like S3?

  1. How should the community report status issues like this, what channels should we use? Additionally, there’s no platform status page, which would be nice to have, I mean a page would be great!

Happy hacking,

  • Rob

Great points @robertlowe. I went to first but there is no monitoring of the install site.

If only meteor was available on NPM :wink:

npm install meteor

Maybe someday…

Oh nice, I didn’t even notice they already had one. Yeah, all sub domains should be tracked.


grabs pitch fork


The downtime is part of the scheduled maintenance of the packages DB.

Is that the reason why Meteor is unable to update package catalog? I got this error while updating my app:

Unable to update package catalog (are you offline?)
If you are using Meteor behind a proxy, set HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY
environment variables or see this page for more details:

It just happens today.

Is there are timeline on it being back up?

Also, is there a schedule we can follow for such maintenance? Our Heroku production push just coincided with this, would love to avoid this situation in the future.

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Thanks @martijnwalraven for chiming in and clearing this up :thumbsup:

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I would expect an announcement of a scheduled downtime, especially when it is something that can hinder crucial workflows like development and deployment.


Site is back up, Package DB maintenance is complete.

They did announce it. There’s a system status mailing list you can subscribe to.

Hah, I guess I missed the announcement about announcements, LOL :slight_smile:

Is it down again?!?

I just tried running now and I have the same issue.

same here, cannot deploy anymore, staging systems down… (docker based)

Internet wide DDoS on root DynDNS servers is going on right now. Npm installations are effected. Diagnosis came in through the Galaxy status emails a few hours ago. Also on front page of google/news