Flare - Single File Blaze Templates

I came across this interesting read on @zodern blog, it’s about building a package called Flare to support single-file Blaze templates.

I have never used Blaze unfortunately, it has always been React from the start

I find React can easily turn into spaghetti code.

Does anyone know if this package is ready for production use? I find the concept intriguing.


I really hope this makes it into an official package. It definitely brings Blaze to 2021 and since it is compatible with “old-school” Blaze it could be used for a smooth transition.

Honestly, I’m tried of writing complex code, I really want to use a simplistic, easy to maintain code, I hope not use nested props and many components.

I find organizing components that way, make a lot of sense.

I’ve been surprised to see the amount of interest in Flare. Originally, it was only going to be a project for learning and I had no plans to maintain it afterwards since I already have melte that meets my needs plus many other open source projects taking my time. However, now that I’ve come this far with it I really want to use it in my own projects.

There are still many missing features and rough edges that need to be fixed before the package can be published. I took a break from it to focus on finishing HMR for Meteor 2 and integrating HMR with Blaze, which are mostly done now. While working on Flare I’ve found some bugs and other issues with Meteor’s build system that I might need to address first before resuming work on Flare.

Since the original goal was to be a learning project, I didn’t spend much time planning the syntax and API. So far it has seemed to work well, but there are probably much better options. If this is something people want to use in production, we should probably have a discussion on what the syntax and API should be.


I’ve just gone through the blog post about flare and that approach would be great. Im tired of creating 3 files for every blaze template and then having to switch back and forth constantly when the complexity goes up.