Form validation using React

Can I ask what people are using to validate the form fields, in a React component, when a user submits the form?

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You certainly have multiple alternatives.

One would be to simply use methods as suggested on the guide.

Another would be to use colletion2 and tap into the validation context.

Or, you could use any one of react form libraries

After too many back and forth, I still find autoform to be a great, streamlined and integrated forms solution that still does not have a meteor-optimized counterpart in the react world. The problem is, it is designed to work with blaze. But fortunately, you can use blaze react component to include blaze templates such as your autoform powered forms in your react powered app.

Mind you that my conclusion is more geared towards forms heavy apps like line of business apps with tens if not hundreds of forms.

Otherwise, you may want to stick with a react form component library.

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Another option, if you use Semantic UI, is Semantic UI Form Validation -