FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD support

Sorry, yes only the existing dependencies if available on

netroute: “0.2.5” => netroute: “1.0.2”

pathwatcher: “4.1.0” => pathwatcher: “6.3.0”

@sashko - both are now published on npmjs - I suddenly got the infos from maintainers and tested that.

Just to let you know: I tested both updated packages on

  1. Mac OSX x86_64
  2. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS amd64
  3. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS armv7l
  4. Raspbian jessie armv6l
  5. FreeBSD 10.2 amd64

As much as I could test, they worked on all systems without issues

@corv @sashko @garrilla @jacobin

OpenBSD seems also working … Is it interesting to get also NetBSD running?

@corv: please change thread title to: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD supprt (Thanks)


I’ve changed the title.

NetBSD is surely interesting in the embedded space. I just hope it’s possible to keep all those targets working.

Next break from node-gyp passed :smile:

After debugging node-fibers a while, I recognized that the install error on OpenBSD is coming through node-gyp.

They use currently an incompatible cp -af instead cp -pPRf supported by almost more unixe.

Happy to see already an open discussion and PR onboarding

I patched this currently directly in the node_dev_bundle and npm3 during generate_dev_bundle on my OpenBSD build.

Happy to say: FreeBSD and OpenBSD are ready by now :+1:

There is still some work left to make the installation like we did for the arms. Hopefully we may put a first release until weeknend.

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Please help on test FreeBSD

Read: FreeBSD Testers please

@corv @sashko @garrilla @jacobin @sohaam @sunlark :: I am happy about some feedback

OpenBSD is also working but needs some “special actions” to get it build.

See if interested.

I will provide ready-to-use dev_bundles so those steps are only necessary if someone will build on himself

On NetBSD it seems to will run also :wink:

I detected a problem in node-gyp which does not support FreeBSD quite well.

I send in this PR and it will hopefully get merge

Currently I have prepare a dev_bundle which contains the fixes already and should work.

To be continue …

Update: the node-gyp maintainer asked me to send the patch to the chromium project, so that this is handled from the original project. Looking forward to response from project/google

NetBSD: Ok, first time the dev_bundle has build and I could run meteor from that. Two npms are not yet building on NetBSD: phantomjs and pathwatcher. Will keep an eye on that …

Ok, so far until Friday:

  1. FreeBSD is working

  2. OpenBSD is working but build needs some manual corrections, no problem for dev_bundle

  3. NetBSD is working generally, Build process of react-todo-example was successful, launch also, fix of 2 npms missing

Nice porting result so far

For anyone is interested in this process on OpenBSD and NetBSD check out out enhancement issues on github:

  1. Todos to support OpenBSD

  2. Todos to support NetBSD

Your progress is really amazing on this porting front.

Would you mind if I submitted the news to feature on the weekly video podcast? I’m sure there are people that haven’t heard of Meteor’s new found compatibility yet.

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Hey @corv, for sure! It would be great if this kind of work and activities are getting more people excited to meteor.

Thanks for taking time to publish and spread.

P.S.: Would be nice, if you send me a link to that post. If you like, you may ref my twitter account @TomFreudenberg

Maybe someone here @sashko is also interested in meteor on Android (debootstrap) ?

Read this :slight_smile: Amazing - use android phone or tablet as meteor server

I’ve made the submission to [][1]. It should feature in Episode 115 on Wednesday (11.11.15). I mentioned your twitter account.

The final step would be to get the fork added to FreeBSD’s ports collection.

Schön zu sehen das auch andere Hamburger mit Meteor involviert sind. Nochmals vielen Dank für den Port, ich hatte nicht mehr damit gerechnet!

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Hi @corv in case of the date I will create the dev_bundle for FreeBSD 10.2 amd64 and save that on Bintray as well as adding some installation notes about FreeBSD on the Github page.

Thanks for spreading

P.S. Bist Du auch aus / in Hamburg?

@corv @sashko

I completed the documentation on github and uploaded new dev_bundles for FreeBSD 10.2 (amd64) and OpenBSD 5.7 (amd64) to Bintray.

The installation is now as simple as possible for the moment.

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The call to testing was featured in BSDNow’s Episode 115.

Ja, auch aus Hamburg!

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Thanks for pushing that!

Offtopic: Sehen wir uns bei nächsten Meetup oder so mal auf einen Kaffee

You’re welcome!

Ich wäre gerne bei einem Meetup dabei, bin momentan allerdings im Ausland. Vielleicht läuft man sich in Zukunft mal über den Weg.