FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD support lets me believe that unofficial FreeBSD support is right around the corner. I’ve been visiting that page seemingly for years and it still says “come back in a couple of days”.

Now that Galaxy is out of the way, what is the official stance on FreeBSD support?

Considering that Node and MongoDB run on FreeBSD just fine I’m wondering why support isn’t even on the roadmap, surely it won’t be as challenging as Windows support.


This doesn’t answer your question, but did you see this SO question and reply from MDG’s Nick Martin?

and also this very brief discussion Metero on freeBSD

Official FreeBSD support is not currently part of the plan.

@corv @garrilla you may use the unofficial meteor fork from us at

It will run on (every) OS where you have build or install node v0.10.40 and mongo

Just follow the steps at

and you should easily get a running meteor.

It depends on your machine but I would estimate 30-60 minutes

On Debian based OS you need the packages

build-essential autoconf automake libtool flex bison scons

It would be great, if you could give a short feedback if this runs for you. I would like to add also dev_bundles for BSD if that fits.


That’s unfortunate to hear but thanks for the straightforward answer.

@corv @garrilla :: I created a FreeBSD VM Box and tried to build from our fork. That does not run out of the box. I currently check the compatibility with FreeBSD and give a reminder here when ready.


So after some turns and a number of fixes, I got a first running FreeBSD dev_bundle :+1:

There were compiling problems with node-netroute ( ) and with pathwatcher (in conjunction to node-runas <3.1.0).

Hopefully it won’t take much more time until all will be ready on FreeBSD


This is great news, thank you very much for looking into it.

This is the last error on way to FreeBSD: on node module pathwatcher.

Could not get any info about yet.

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Still getting crazy … any help appreciated

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I also can’t get pathwatcher to load and I’ve asked for advice on the FreeBSD forums.

Really great to see progress on this front, thanks.

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Here you find my currently ongoing branch to that - not all changes are yet committed

I also send in a PR to get more compatible scripts than fix shebang /bin/bash

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Clearly a very sensible PR. I hope it gets merged.

I’ve got a [reply][1].

I can’t test it right now since it’s way past bedtime.

Hi @corv , I made an update on the FreeBSD forum entry. Still work to to do on that piece of cake.

@corv @sashko @garrilla @jacobin

Got it! First time 1.2.1 runs smoothly on FreeBSD 10.2 :smile:

@corv - Thanks for your post on FreeBSD forum. The guy Olivierd guided me to the right direction.

I will prepare the additional repos for node-netroute and node-pathwatcher as well as the necessary addons to the universal fork. Give you soon an update to test yourself.

Thanks for help


Wow, brilliant work @tomfreudenberg!

I love this world of Open Source communities - great processing!

We got two new releases for necessary npm’s



Now all is FreeBSD and OpenBSD compatible. I am just waiting for getting pathwatcher on npmjs, netroute ist still released.

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@sashko I would like to send you a PR to update the npms from last post in scripts/dev-bundle-tool-package.js

Do think that will be ok or is it far away to include that on next meteor release?

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I don’t think we can officially support bsd, since we will then need to run qa and similar for that system. The fork approach seems best.