Frequent Segmentation fault on local

Hi everyone.

I face frequent SegmentationFault on my meteor server when working locally.

This doesn’t occure on startup, the server correctly starts and I can interact with it. But at some times it crashes.

I can’t find any clue about what is causing this, the segfault seems to happen randomly.
I don’t know if meteor has some logs error,I can publish here, i stay available to do it if it exists.

Note that i never encountered this problem on prod stage. More precisely my web server hasn’t stop unexpectedly so i guess it didn’t encountered a segfault yet.

Up :frowning:

Is there only my application crashing like that ?

Yeah I just started getting this as well just a day ago! It seems to happen occasionally on code changes.

My app is doing it more and more often. Noticeably worse since the last Meteor update, but that could be coincidence. Mostly happens when I save a file and the app rebuilds.

Posted about this issue on another topic a few weeks ago.

Looks like this issue affects mostly to people on macs. But now there is some people affected on using Linux.

No clue on how to track the issue.

I also have this problem. It’s getting really annoying.

I’m starting to get this too.

Unfortunately I am being plagued by this as well, only after updating to version Prior to updating I never had a single segmentation fault error.

I am using Linux as my OS.

Same here, it happens quite often since I updated to 1.5.

Same problem from, many times per day,
Ubuntu 16.04

Running: meteor reset has resolved the segmentation faults for me. Haven’t had any in a few days.

Have the same issue, using mac.
Can’t do a meteor reset, as I have test data keyed in manually that’s difficult to auto populate.
Would be great if this problem gets fixed. Restarting the server every so often is getting very annoying.

I had moved to a new mac. Haven’t done any migration, just installed everything anew.

Haven’t got any segmentation fault since.

Use mongodump and mongorestore to backup/restore after meteor reset

Any idea how to debug this?
I just updated to 1.5 and every few code change on my local dev on Mac it crashes. I did meteor reset but it didn’t go away.

I’m getting the same.
Created a brand new project under 1.5 and just copied stuff from an existing project over.
Happened three or four times to me today.
I was connecting to our MLab dev database however, not local DB so meteor reset didn’t do anything.

I added cultofcoders:grapher and that has been a boon to this app (a dashboard thingy), and have some extra things to finalise with it, but I’m wary of deploying to live if this happens in dev.

Running on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS.

Same issue here. It’s super annoying. Happening constantly now.

Happens about every 5 code changes. Meteor, you used to be reliable on Windows, but I prefer mac… Cmon MDG

Same here. Started happening after upgrading to I am on a Mac.

Seems like a lot of people are experiencing this, including me. It seems to be tracked here: