Galaxy Developer Edition pricing is just absurd!



I mean c’mon folks, that’s like more expensive than a Star Wars 7 movie ticket :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: for clarification, this is absurdly good! Lowest price and highest quality for Meteor on the market!


Dude! I know! I can’t believe this… All my hopes and dreams crushed in an instant haha. I’m glad they got this option out there! Definitely a competitive offering.


Don’t give up! Ruby on Rails is still a viable option :joy: haha yeah - its a big move!


Says the guy selling a Meteor package for $99/license

:smirk: :laughing:


It’s going great haha, and I am sure MDG will have great success with this :smiley: by the way guys - Meteor Toys are 50% off for Cyber Monday with coupon asl


I’m assuming your joking :smile:

For others who haven’t compared pricing Modulus is $28 for a 512mb instance and $14 for a $396mb instance and Heroku is $25 for a 512mb instance.

IMHO DigitalOcean, Linode, and Rackspace are in a different arena.


I’m really excited to see what people can do with this new Galaxy!


Just a quick question since I’ve been away from meteor for a short while:

Does the Galaxy Developer Edition include everything I need to host a small app? Or do I also need another service in addition to that? E. G. for my mongodb?


@sashko This is awesome! I have three questions about the Developer tier:

  1. Does it come with an SLA? I understand at such prices, there might not be a guaranteed one. If there is no SLA, would you still recommend Galaxy Developer Edition for production usage?

  2. (More important Q): Is it possible to run the same application in multiple containers, for scalability? From what I have read, it seems like the Developer edition limits your application to a single container. If this is not the case, my concern for my early-stage app would be having hosting costs jump from $13/container/mo to $495/mo.

  3. What is the allocated CPU per container? How much CPU time does each container get? Is it one core per container, or are the cores shared between containers?

We’re on linode now, but we’re very interested in Galaxy. Thanks!


Galaxy doesn’t include db hosting, so you’ll need something along the lines of


Fantastic ! My referral link :


Galaxy provides support SLAs only; Developer Edition will have a 1+ business day response time for cases while production tiers of Galaxy have 1-hour SLAs for critical cases (1 day for all others). You can run as many apps in Galaxy as long as you have containers to run them; an app can be powered by one or more containers. Currently, Galaxy containers are spec’ed at 1 ECU per GB (ECU is an AWS-style CPU benchmark).


Is there gonna be a short trial, say a week maybe? Currently deployed on Azure and we’re ok with it (since it’s essentially free with Bizspark for now), though we’ve just launched our startup, so right now would be the perfect time to still migrate painlessly to another infrastructure. Would love to try it first though.


It’s pretty amazing to see a pay-as-you-go option, and this cheap, with AWS. I guess it’s only us-east to begin with? Will there be out of the box CDN options for serving static content, or are you relying on devs to integrate that through something like CloudFront?


Can we use our own domain name with SSL enabled https?


Yes, you will be able to define your application domains (including sub-domain support) and also setup SSL per app.


Galaxy does not include mongoDB.

If you want a platform that gives you everything you need to host your app, you should go with Nodechef


Hi Andreas - there isn’t a free trial but Developer Edition will give all Meteor developers the ability to “try” Galaxy for pennies per GB hour. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the experience since it’s based on many of the same core features of the production editions of Galaxy.


Is that 5 minutes logging available over DDP? (saving logs offsite is never bad :smiley: )
What is traffic limit in that plan?

I would not want to know the amount of kinda newbie questions when that 1 day SLA would be available for everyone who pay this lowcost.
Good luck


Given that you can pay for 2 days of running for ($13 / 31 days), it is pretty reasonable not to have a trial, I think.