Galaxy hosting with www CNAME No applications registered


I’m using Galaxy with CloudFlare as the DNS server.

I am deploying to and I want both and to work.

Now when I try to visit my site via it shows me this error:

404 Not Found: No applications registered for host ‘

I fixed this temporarily by deployed two instances of this app via and :confused:

Here is my DNS settings:

CNAME | www          |

Here is my Galaxy ROOT_URL:

"ROOT_URL": ""

All advice appreciated! :slight_smile:


I had the exact same problem !!

But I waited for a while and the dns propagated correctly :slight_smile: courtesy of @serkandurusoy


I have had this DNS settings for a while but it is still not working… :confused:

CNAME | www          |

You have the same?


my one is a bit wired. I guess every dns server is different. In mine, I could only have cname for subdomains. So I added a subdomain called www just like yours and added the cname in there.


This sounds like a different problem.

You should not be able to point with a CNAME record, I think that’s an invalid DNS entry. You should be using an A record that points to an IP address or a redirect (using other tools)

Take a look at this article:


Ahhh I see.

So I need to configure something inside CloudFlare?

Here is my DNS settings btw:

So can’t be an CNAME you say?


Well it is more intricate than that, but basically no, you cannot use a
cname for your domain root and have a separate record for www.

What you need to do is set up the cname record for www, delete the
cname record for the root, set up a www redirect using one of the
suggested ways (re: the galaxy dns help article)


yap thats how I did mine. My root redirects to www subdomain and I have CName Set-up for that subdomain.


Okay I’ll try that.

Thanks! :smiley:


but galaxy doesnt give us an ip address?


Oh that’s correct. So I guess the redirect should be solved otherwise :frowning: