Gamification Package?

Hello everyone, I am planning on building a simple web app with Meteor and I wanted to add some gamification elements to it. Is there a package I could use? I couldn’t find anything so far. If there isn’t a package, does anyone know what else I could do?

I would suggest making a database and storing gamification items there. It’s definitely something that can be added directly - no need for a library for it.

That makes sense. But I was wondering if there was something out there that came with some custom gamification or something…

Check these out among which are alternatives that you can integrate into your app through client side javascript where they provide a complete platform that can be integrated into any app.

I believe, those would be much more powerful solutions compared to a custom meteor solution.


Enterprise Gamification now has a wiki page of gamification platforms.

You might also check out the following resources:

Additionally, I am working with developers on an open-source platform for online learning, called Crowducate. We have some planned gamification features and we welcome collaborators.


do people have any suggestions for good packages (or articles/tutorials) on gamification with mongo/javascript or meteor?

(note: articles/tutorials not on what gamification is, or why it’s important but actual implementation suggestions)