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A discussion risked getting lost for offtopicness in a different thread, so I thought I’d surface it here.

The first mention :


@awatson1978 Yes, we ported our blaze/autoforms app to react/uniforms. We use simple schema. We use Material-UI and the not released uniforms-material package @radekmie references as well as a local module in our app. Great overall solution for us.

Sounds like a great solution! Would be very keen in leaning more. I’m unclear on why uniforms-material is unreleased though. Is it being kept proprietary simply as a differentiator? (no judgement if so). Or is there a technical hangup that is preventing it from being released? Is the package available, and just requires a custom fork per installation?

I don’t want to speak for @radekmie but he did partially answer the question in the previous thread “It’s not public because it’s not complete. Why? Because there’s no universal way to render a list of fields in material ui. If you feel interested - go on, create an issue - I’ll tell you more (and of course - help with such integration, if it’s needed).”

Looks like he is willing to help and get you the code at a minimum.

We have every single component ready, but our ListField (the one for Arrays in schema) is not a general solution. In this package we’ve assumed, that every form is a list, so also the ListField is a list. In my opinion we should either allow user to switch or think about better way - that’s why I enourage you to create an issue. As @skirunman said - I’m willing to help (and I’m almost 100% sure, that you are not the only one looking for a React/MaterialUI forms package).


I can attest to the quality, simplicity, maintenance, responsiveness and flexibility of uniforms.

We have used it in several projects, we have even used it with material-ui form components and some custom material-ui form controls.

It is really very easy to get a form control and make it a uniforms field. There are HOC’s to achieve that and many other cool things.

Migrating from aldeed:autoform in general is also not any harder than migrating from blaze to react either, in fact for auto generated forms, it is almost effortless.

It is almost a crime if you’re not using uniforms on a meteor/react project.

Oh and well deserved props to @radekmie the author. There are a few other people who contribute with ideas, discussions, pr’s as well, the github issue tracker and of course the docs are awesome. It is almost like having him personally on your team!

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I used uniforms myself, they are the autoforms of React. I think it’s an absolutely amazing package and deserves more praise.

Cheers @radekmie

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I used it in two projects so far. In both projects we implemented our own form-ui.

one was for a big company in switzerland and they had a styleguide, so neither material nor bootstrap or semantic was an option, so we created our own form-fields.

Basically you need to implement a component that receives onChange and a value. It’s also easy to display an error in a field.

We started with a copy of uniforms-unstyled, and changed these components to our needs. It’s really straight forward, flaweless and never stands in your way.

I would say, it’s one of the most “canonical” form-libraries so far :wink:


I’m really happy that you like our package :slight_smile: We plan to support it as OS, as a sample of our code and services. We don’t plan to build any propertiary packages based on uniforms.


Here’s the issue tracking Material Design theme: vazco/uniforms#141.

Look great, I will this for next project.

Only a few things left to do! The demo project is already updated - go ahead and see it in action! vazco/uniforms#142

Waiting you for Materail UI