Good work with the git head ;)

Just wanted to say that you’re doing good job :wink: I just tried to run my app on git head version of meteor and reload times were much better than with previous releases :wink: Keep up the good work and iron out those issues remaining preventing 1.3 release :wink: meteor profile log

ljack1:~/workspace/meteor (devel) $ ./meteor --version                                                                             
Unreleased, running from a checkout at df73a63 (HEAD, origin/devel, origin/HEAD, devel)   

Ah, forgot to add that on wall time reload takes some 15-19 seconds (single character blaze template change) as observed from the browser. I think this is much better than before :wink:

Try the release-1.3 branch!

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Ok, will try! git checkout running :wink:

You might have to regenerate the dev_bundle; I’m not sure. rm -rf dev_bundle and then scripts/

rebuild meteor release-1.3 profile - profile run from release-1.3

whoa, so a lot slower?

Here’s full startup log . Testing again with rebuilds.

1st rebuild (single character html change)

2nd rebuild

Ah, actually because i’m generating the project files from json I think there’re more changed on the actual html/js files than just single change (at least time stamps have changed).

Project stats: (meteor-1.2.1 it’s the project git branch) but it’s actually Meteor release-1.3 from git.

ljack1:~/workspace/PITPA (meteor-1.2.1) $ find . -name *.js | wc -l
ljack1:~/workspace/PITPA (meteor-1.2.1) $ find . -name *.html | wc -l
ljack1:~/workspace/PITPA (meteor-1.2.1) $ !du
du -sh
673M .

ljack1:~/workspace/PITPA (meteor-1.2.1) $ du -hs *
48K both
1.5M client
12K lib
1.1M packages
4.0K private
12K public
112K server
4.0K settings
4.0K settings.json
ljack1:~/workspace/PITPA (meteor-1.2.1) $ du -hs .meteor/ 667M .meteor/

So rebuild stabilizes around 14 seconds.

Except when there’s also js changes it took over 20 seconds.

Can you summarize how many seconds you think 1.2.1, HEAD, and release-1.3 take to rebuild? If there’s a big regression between HEAD and release-1.3 I gotta look at that pronto.

Note that a bunch of the stuff besides actually building (like prepareProjectForBuild) takes a whole heck of a lot longer running from checkout, because it has to scan and rebuild (or load from cache) all the core packages.

It’s really “Rebuild App” time I’m looking at right now, and when I saw a 5-second profile followed by a 12-second profile I was like, holy crap, is that a regression?

Putting the summary together, some network issues. Whales kicking the fiber cable at the bottom of sea :wink:

After some time synchronization issues (server clocks being almost 50 seconds off ;( I decided to give 1.3-modules-beta.6 a test:

Here’s again from git checkout at 3405bb5 (HEAD,
origin/release-1.3, release-1.3) (based on this note )