Google Oauth login working except in Chrome iOS/Mobile

I have a meteor app which requires login via Google. I am able to sign in without issues both on my local and deployed versions of my app, with the exception of Chrome on iOS.

When tapping the login button in Chrome iOS, the browser just re-displays the login page rather than open a new window for entering my third party login credentials, which is what happens in iOS Safari.

I am guessing the issue is similar to this issue (Mobile Chrome does not allow pop-ups):

However, it is not clear to me where I modify my service configuration to “redirect” rather than “pop-up”.

I attempted adding the following to a /lib/config.js file but it had no impact:

  { service: "google" },
    $set: {
      loginStyle: "redirect"

Any tips and recommendations would be appreciated!

I suspect it may be related to this thread.

@andersr, did you manage to make it work?

I got the same problem, did you find out ?