OAuth not working in Facebook Mobile Browser


I built an app for running giveaway’s and have started my first giveaway. I’ve noticed, however, that when a user tries to login into the app via facebook while in the facebook mobile app they are unable to do so. It doesn’t appear as if facebook’s mobile app browser can do OAuth correctly. Here is a link to the post https://www.facebook.com/CraigSwappLaw/photos/a.240194816008409.76030.149098278451397/1061085040586045/?type=1&theater

Any ideas as to how to solve this? I already know that iOS Chrome doesn’t allow for OAuth redirect so I’ve got a workaround for that, but I don’t know how to handle this issue.

Google Oauth login working except in Chrome iOS/Mobile

UPDATE: I fixed the problem. I was using “popup” in my service configuration and once I switched it to “redirect” it started working.